Monday, March 8, 2010

Some Pigs...

A little birdie told me, and I re-tweeted:

RT @ByJenna Want to know how the expansion of @WeismanArt is being paid for? See pg 52 in this doc: Good eye, BJ #UMN

from p. 52

University of Minnesota

Final Review of Capital Projects over $5 Million

Project Budget

Funding Identification

MN Found Gifts Funds Cash ------------------------>$7,420,000
MN Found Gifts/Pledges Rec 09-10 ----------------> $538,000
MN Found Gifts/Pledges Rec 11-14 -----------------> $322,000
Univ Loan repaid from Bequests and Pledges ----> $2,320,000
Univ Debt (Gift Match Funds) ----------------------> $1,500,000
Univ Debt (Bridge Inrasruct) -----------------------> $1,500,000

Total ---------------------------------------------------->$14,155,000

And we are going to declare a condition of financial stringency?

And furlough/lay off people?

For shame...

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