Saturday, March 13, 2010

Further Problems with the Upcoming

Faculty Senate Vote

at the University of Minnesota

My friend and fellow alumnus, Michael McNabb, adds:

This message from Professors Gonzales and Oakes refers to Section 4.5 of the Regents' Policy and states that a simple majority affirmative vote is sufficient to approve a temporary reduction in faculty compensation.

Section 4.5 refers only to approval of the Faculty Senate; it does NOT set the voting standard for that approval. Section 11.4 sets the voting standard for such a temporary reduction: an ABSOLUTE MAJORITY of the members of the Faculty Senate or a TWO-THIRDS vote of the members present and voting (assuming that a quorum is present).

The voting standard should be reviewed with the officers of the Faculty Senate, and a commitment should be obtained now to use the voting standard required by Section 11.4.

If the officers do not make that commitment, then that procedural issue should be discussed and voted upon at the Faculty Senate meeting prior to any vote on the substantive issue of a temporary reduction in compensation.

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