Saturday, March 27, 2010

President Bruininks to

University of Minnesota Citizens:

It's My Way or the Highway?

I've been gratified by the response to an earlier video that presented the views of one of our respected faculty members, Joe Konstan, at last Thursday's Faculty Senate Meeting.

Here I present a first cut on the remarks made by our President at that meeting. Please note that this is not everything he said, his full presentation is available on the web, for those interested, on the Periodic Table, Too - my blog on UThink at the University of Minnesota.

I intend to make another video, that will replace this one. It will contain my response to some of what is in this video. But even by itself it is obvious that our president still suffers from some priority problems, and that he simply is not interested in any views that are contrary to his.

[Sort of reminds me of Light Rail - but that is another painted pony.]

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