Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally Folwell

Congratulations, President Bruininks

(This should have happened years ago
except for your actions.)

For background, see "The Folwell Hall Sellout."

Finally, Folwell

So the bonding bill came down to $680 Mil. My guess on January 15th was $700 Mil, see "The Definition of Insanity".

TeaPaw supported Folwell ($23 Mil) and planning money for nano ($4 Mil) but shorted the American Indian Learning Center and the Itasca facilities. Money was also allocated for HEAPR ($56 Mil) and lab renovations ($6.7 Mil.)

This was a cut of about $10 Mil in toto leaving ca $90 Mil.

He also savagely cut MNSCU a total of $134 M, remarking "I am troubled by the disparity in funding levels" in his veto letter to MAK.

Not surprisingly, this is the same line that the Morrill Hall Gang has been using, e.g. President Bruininks position at a recent Civic Caucus: "These changes are weighting what he considers a disproportionate share of state funds toward the MnSCU system."

What goes around, Bob...

How many students does the MnSCU system provide for? And perhaps their goals are better aligned with those of the citizens of the state and their legislature?

People are going to remember this when you go over to the legislature and try to negotiate your new covenant.

Alice Hausmann correctly pointed out:

“The University of Minnesota should be very, very grateful,” Hausman said. “In terms of every other part of the bill, they were treated best.”


Another amusing part of President Bruininks' presentation to the Civic Caucus:

When Mr. Bruininks retires in June 2011 year he plans to do “what we’re doing here,” at the Civic Caucus session, and “work on issues of big public concern.” Particularly, “institutions of governance.”
You haven't been too interested in governance at the University of Minnesota, Mr. President.

Why ever would you be upon retirement?

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