Tuesday, November 9, 2010


University  of Minnesota’s 

Largest College Pleads for Resources 

Plans for Downsizing

 Doesn't this look great?

From the Chronicle:

In anticipation of a “future with fewer resources,” the University of Minnesota’s largest academic unit, the College of Liberal Arts, outlined in a report released on Monday its recommendations for further streamlining programs and cutting costs.
The report, prepared by a committee of faculty and staff members and students, does not target specific programs for elimination, but suggests criteria the college might use in making such decisions.
It also argues that the college has already borne a disproportionate share of budget cuts at the university and calls on top administrators “to partner with us to maintain the integrity of the college.
Christopher Uggen, chair of the sociology department and a co-chair of the panel that wrote the report, told the Star Tribune newspaper that further cuts would imperil the learning experience. “There’s a very thin line before our students are really experiencing the dramatic pain that causes them to be here another year because they can’t get access to the courses they need,” he said.


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