Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Trouble for Morrill Hall

ex-Gopher Football Players Speak Up

Tell Your Reps What You Think

To contact your State Senator and State Representative, go HERE to find their names and contact info. 
The message, in your own words, or these, is:

Dear __________,
I am your constituent and before you appropriate $1.2 Billion to the University of Minnesota, I want you to demand it fix its football program and athletic department. Minnesota taxpayers supported a $288 Million stadium on campus, yet Gopher football is at its lowest point ever. I support the University and want to see it reflect excellence in all areas.
The unqualified football coach last hired by Athletic Director Joel Maturi was paid over $4 million to make us a national laughingstock. The Athletic Department has received over $26 million in University subsidies the last 5 years. Coaches have been hired, extended, then fired, costing millions under the current Athletic Director. He should not be allowed to hire the next football coach.

I believe it is your responsibility to require accountability in the most visible department of the University of Minnesota before subsidizing it with more taxpayer dollars. Thank you for listening.

Taxpayer and Voter

I think it is telling that this group is NOT asking for more money, but rather that the program be transformed into one that can stand on its own two feet. I have no expectation that athletics will MAKE a profit, only that it not LOSE money and be a drain on our meager resources.

As Bob Stein put it:

"Gopher football should never be where it is today and the team needs our support. We have to change how we hire the head coach. And the $26 million athletic department drain on U of M resources the past 5 years makes it an issue for all students, faculty and taxpayers."

Again, note Bob's concern that the AD is a drain on the U's resources. Bob was a two time All-American, an academic All-American, and attended law school while playing professionally for the KC Chiefs.  He has been president of the Minnesota Timberwolves, among other accomplishments.  

Perhaps his input is worth something, President Bruininiks?  


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