Friday, November 12, 2010

A new horseman in town

Sole Finalist for 

University of Minnesota


From the Strib:

U names New York provost as only presidential finalist

Eric Kaler, provost at Stony Brook University in New York, was announced Friday morning as the choice of the U's regents.

 Some Twitter reactions:

@ Why does the U have such a a problem with transparency? Will the media sue again to get the list of almost "finalists?"

Andrew Wagner
Disappointed at lack of transparency in prez search. Finalists/multiple candidates worthless when you give final interview to ONE. 

 @ Where is the transparency in only naming one finalists for prez? Aren't they violating the spirit of the court decision?

@ If the sole finalist doesn't win, put me down as a write in for that president job.
Adam Daniels
regent johnson is ready to "march up the hill with this person." voiced concern over only having one candidate, possible criticisms.  

Emma Carew
WTH?!? RT @: BREAKING: regents move that only ONE finalist be named for U. president.

Alex Friedrich
Johnson sees criticism of forwarding only one candidate as finalist.
Ashley Bray
regents name ONE finalist for University president? Great job , and thank you for being so transparent
Julie Sandburg
RT @: Eric Kaler, Provost and VP at Stony Brook University, is for all intents and purposes, the next president.

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