Thursday, November 11, 2010

 This Is About More Than Football

From a paid advertisement in today's Daily:


Over the last five years, the Athletic Department has cost the University MORE THAN $26 MILLION in subsidies and deficits. 
With the University's budget under tremendous pressure, with a legislative request for $1.2 BILLION for the next 2 years and with EVER HIGHER TUITION BILLS, this is money we can put to better use elsewhere on campus. 


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Anonymous said...

This is so frustrating. If the picture is true, they spent enough in buyouts to keep my program running for the next 25 years. Unlike football, we do community engagement that is relevant to solving community identified issues and raise all of our own money. All of the claptrap about football being engagement is just that.

In my experience there are two things that people want from the University. The first is a good affordable education for their kids. The second is assistance, whether through research or engagement, addressing important problems. If what the University is doing is not making the lives of people in the State of Minnesota better, we have failed. If the football team wins or loses it makes no difference to the quality of life in Minnesota at all.