Thursday, November 4, 2010

Money for Scientific Research

May Be Scarce With a Republican-Led

House Of Representatives

What are the implications of such cuts at the University of Minnesota? Time for a reality check in Morrill Hall?

Federal financing of science research, which has risen quickly since the Obama administration came to power, could fall back to pre-Obama levels if the incoming Republican leadership in the House of Representatives follows through on its list of campaign promises. 

In the Republican platform, Pledge to America, the party vows to cut discretionary nonmilitary spending to 2008 levels. Under that plan, research and development at nonmilitary agencies — including those that sponsor science and health research — would fall 12.3 percent, to $57.8 billion, from the Mr. Obama’s request of $65.9 billion for fiscal year 2011.  

An analysis by the American Association for the Advancement of Science looked at what would happen if all of the agencies were cut to the 2008 amounts. The National Institutes of Health would lose $2.9 billion, or 9 percent, of its research money. The National Science Foundation would lose more than $1 billion, or almost 19 percent, of its budget, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would lose $324 million, or 34 percent. 

Meanwhile, the administration continues to cruise along - bragging that last year federal dollars increased by 30%.  This number was artificially inflated by the availability of stimulus funds.  A double whammy - no stimulus funds AND a cut - is coming. 

Is this administration going to continue to keep its head in the sand or will the take the necessary steps that are inevitably going to be needed during the coming contraction of federal research funding?

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