Friday, November 5, 2010

And then there were...

Four - undisclosed - semifinalists

for University of Minnesota President

 [Added later From the Pioneer-Press: "We went overboard this time to make sure we didn't violate any law or even come close to it," Allen said.  Allen said the four semifinalists are "very strong."  "I'm very pleased with the names that have been forwarded to us."  
So let's interview them all...]

From MPR News On Campus

Just got this from the U:

(11/05/2010) —University of Minnesota Board of Regents Chair Clyde Allen announced today that the Presidential Search Advisory Committee has forwarded recommendations of four semi-finalists for the position of university president to the Board of Regents. 
Currently, Regents are individually reviewing the written files on each semi-finalist. The Board will hold a public meeting in the near future to select candidates whom it will interview. Once selected for interviews, the candidates will be finalists. In accordance with state law, the names of all candidates selected for interviews are public information and will be made public at that time.

Let's hope that the Regents consider all the candidates as finalists and do not rule anyone out at this point.  The performance of the U during the last two searches has been nothing to brag about.  The search committee probably has more expertise, overall, in selecting presidential candidates, than does the Board.

Thus it would be best for the Board to reveal all semi-finalists as finalists so that the community can have input and be able to express an opinion on ALL of the candidates the search committee has deemed worthy to be finalists. 


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