Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Exactly Was the Provost's Role

in the Censorship of Troubled Waters

At the University of Minnesota?

 [Added Later:the document cited below may now be downloaded as a pdf.]

Some disturbing information has come to light as part of the Freedom of Information Act extraction of information from the University of Minnesota concerning the censorship of the film, Troubled Waters.

Unfortunately, the material describing exactly what happened has apparently been redacted with no explanation given about why. Some tantalizing clues can be found above the redaction, though.

My tweets earlier this evening:

Bill Gleason
I [Himle] was very direct with him about the complicity of Dean Levine and the Provost What is THIS about?

Bill Gleason
"urged him to provide safe haven for [Weller] as I believe she was muted under pressure from Provost and Levine

Bill Gleason
"[Weller]...has been threatened in some way by the Provost and/or Dean Levine" following REDACTED

This information underscores my concern that an independent investigation be done, preferably by someone not at the university.  Since both the President and the Provost seem to be involved it is clear that the University administration is not the body that should be looking into the matter if our credibility is to be regained.

I have posted on this idea on the Star-Tribune's Community Voices:


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