Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Friday Data Document Dump Confirms:

An Independent Investigation of the Censorship of Troubled Waters

is Needed at the University of Minnesota

What can be deduced, so far, from the documents

1. The president of the university was in the loop from the beginning and knew that Karen Himle was pulling the film. He was complicit in the censorship and his prior actions and comments tried to cloud that fact. 

See MPR site for a photocopy of the smoking gun: "Karen viewed the film and called TPT to cancel it - the President is aware of this." For shame, President Bruininks. William B. Gleason, faculty member and U of M alum  - (my comment on Strib web-site)

3. Dean Levine warned President Bruininks and Karen Himle that pulling the film would be considered censorship.

Dean Al Levine, in a Sept. 8 e-mail to President Bruininks and Karen Himle:

In my opinion the documentary/film is unbalanced journalism.
However, stopping the film will appear as censorship.

4. The Provost and Dean Levine tried in some way to mute the Bell Director.  

[See above.]


"I [Himle] was very direct with him about the complicity of Dean Levine and the Provost"


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