Monday, October 18, 2010

Mark Dayton: 

University of Minnesota tuition
 50 percent higher than the
average flagship research university

Source of claim:

Is this true?

Flagship Universities
Chart 1
Resident Undergraduate Tuition and Required Fees

Minnesota ranks seventh at: $11,293

Average: $7,963

11,293/7,963 = 1.42 (Not quite 50% but bad enough...)

Yet even with extraordinary increases in tuition over the past decade the U of M administration has now declared a condition of "financial stringency."  Why is that?  

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madradprof said...

look at what's going on with out of state tuition...looks like just MN and SD are showing negative figures...really large negative figures on that measure...

Mr. B. said...

And of course the out of state tuition situation is a disgrace.

We are having a fire-sale on tuition to make ourselves attractive to out of state students with high numbers so that we can increase our standing in the rankings. Meanwhile we are turning away qualified Minnesota residents...

I've posted quite a bit on this topic: (Maximizing Tuition Revenue at the University of Minnesoa.)