Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Brilliant Public Relations Move

From Morrill Hall

(Dan Wolter sings: the equivalent of the fat lady at the U of M?)

You'd think after getting his nose bloodied annually in the ethanol fight at the House That  Bob Built, President Bruininks would know better by now.

You'd think he wouldn't want to further antagonize those in the legislature or the citizens of the state.

Not our Bob...

From the Star-Tribune:

University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks has entered the dicey debate over selling alcohol at the school's new football stadium.

He plans to revisit discussions with regents and lawmakers about allowing liquor sales at TCF Bank Stadium on the U campus, but only in the premium seats.

"He wants to begin discussions with alumni and the regents to see if the will is there," Dan Wolter, a university spokesman, said Friday.

Wolter estimated the change would generate $1.57 million for athletic expenses, student scholarships and paying down the stadium debt.

[Basis of estimate, please?  How much would go to scholarships? 20% cited in Pioneer-Press article. Please stop trying to use academics as an excuse for athletic shilling...]

"Everyone thinks this is about making money off selling alcohol," Wolter said. "What it does is adds to the attractiveness of the venue and the [premium] seats."

Of the 50,000 seats available in TCF Bank Stadium -- which opened last fall -- roughly 1,500 are premium seats.

Needless to say there were some choice comments.  

Perhaps the President has other more pressing problems to worry about next year?  

Or perhaps this is just a smokescreen to keep attention away from a more important problem: 

What is the tuition increase going to be next year, Mr. President?


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