Sunday, October 31, 2010

Charley Walters (Pioneer-Press)

Wefald for University of Minnesota


CW: "they should ask this charming fellow [Wefald] what it would take to get him to succeed Bruininks, who is retiring in June."

"The saint of KSU is a panting jocksniffer who has handed much of KSU’s money to a dirtily run football program. He has also engaged in nepotism and conflict of interest. Wefald is your basic long-running banana republic leader. Power went to his head. The Topeka Capital-Journal provides details of his conflict of interest."  Margaret Soltan

Someone needs to do a little homework...

Added later:

A reader points out that for credibility some of the relevant material should be provided.

Here it is:

Three high profile stockholders [including Wefald] in a company started by the economic development arm of Kansas State University exposed themselves to charges of ethical misconduct by using their influence to jump to the front of the payday line when the business was sold to Coca-Cola, state officials said Wednesday.
The Topeka Capital-Journal (June 25, 2009) at

Then Kansas State University released its review of the audit:
Former Kansas State University president Jon Wefald invested too much power in vice president Bob Krause and provided inadequate oversight of his actions, said a university review of financial irregularities first identified in a June audit.
Release of that review to the Kansas Board of Regents by current K-State president Kirk Schulz on Thursday appeared to be the final step in the wide and complex saga involving secret compensation deals in K-State's athletic department and conflicts of interest in management of a business incubator program affiliated with the university.
The Topeka Capital-Journal  (November 19, 2009) at

See an earlier post about the effect of so-called revenue producing sports on higher education:  Will they Never Learn.


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