A dozen faculty members and a student group at the University of Minnesota are calling for an investigation into the 2004 suicide of Dan Markingson, a West St. Paul man who participated in a medication study at the U that critics say might have featured a series of ethical violations.

"It's fair to say this is a 'routine' review, based on the concerns that were raised," said Daniel Wolter, the university spokesman. "At this point, it's premature to say what, if any, further review the board would pursue."  

"It's one thing to ask subjects to enroll in a research study that is aimed at generating useful scientific knowledge and will advance patient care," [U bioethicist] Elliott said. "It's another thing entirely to enroll in a clinical trial that's being conducted to advance the marketing aims of a pharmaceutical company." 
Justin Paquette, a spokesman for the U's Academic Health Center, said Thursday that he would not make Olson available to respond to the letters and student resolution. But he pointed to a statement the U posted on the health center's website that enumerates the various outside groups that have investigated the case.

"None found fault with the University," the statement reads, "none found fault with the involved faculty."

We didn't do anything illegal?

Just unethical and immoral?

The AHC has a problem with a damaged moral compass, see for example: