Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fighting Sioux? Absolutely Not!

Skating Sioux? Well, OK...

or, When It Comes Down to Money Versus Integrity -
At BigU We Take the Money and Skate

For some time the University of Minnesota has been castigating the University of North Dakota for UND's nickname, the Fighting Sioux. Fine. They have recently decided not to play in the sandbox with North Dakota, except for hockey. This is not the first time that money has trumped principle at BigU. We have to pay for Twin City Federal Stadium.

Ciao, Bonzo

From the letters to the editor of the StarTribune:

Money over ethics
Why is it acceptable that the University of Minnesota compete against the University of North Dakota in hockey but not other sports? I would suggest that revenues from the hockey program, specifically games with the longstanding rival UND, trump Minnesota's willingness to stand on the moral high ground in opposing the use of Native American nicknames and logos.

If it is a good policy for football, basketball, etc., then it should be across the board.


Fear of failure

Can you spell hypocritical? If the Fighting Sioux nickname is offensive, then hockey should be excluded also, period.


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