Friday, November 16, 2007

A recent article appeared in the Minnesota Daily concerning OurPresident's salary.

November 13, 2007

Bruininks fifth best paid in Big Ten

Mr. B. has also recently posted on the latest rankings of BigU.

This led me to wonder if there was any correlation between salary and performance. Although making judgments about the actual compensation of university presidents is (deliberately) difficult there seem to be a few generalizations that can be made about the above plot.

1. If anyone is being underpaid in the BigTen, it would appear to be the presidents of Illinois and Wisconsin. They are Michigan's closest competitors and yet, compared to the rest of the BigTen schools, their compensation seems oddly low, especially Wisconsin.

2. OurLeader is being well compensated considering Minnesota's position in the BigTen rankings.

Note: I have omitted Northwestern, the eleventh BigTen school, because NU is not a public university.

Things have changed quite a bit since these numbers became available. Iowa and Ohio State have new presidents and so next year's results may be somewhat different. There does seem to be a trend that the most recently hired presidents are more highly compensated.

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