Friday, November 2, 2007

Brian Leiter Hits the Trail

Mr. B. is a fan of Brian Leiter's because he brings valued perspective to the ratings game in the law school business. His blog is invaluable when trying to keep track of BigU's law school rankings as BigU pursues the administration's ambitious aspirations to become one of the top three public research universities in the world [sic].

Leitner announced recently that he will be moving from UT-Austin to the University of Chicago. As UD puckishly observes: "Another Academic Career Destroyed by Blogging..."

Saul Levmore, the law dean at Chicago, says Mr. Leiter’s blogs might give some scholars a misimpression. “You think all he cares about is law-school gossip,” he says. But Mr. Leiter, he says, “is a great intellectual entrepreneur, and we like the energy he brings. He’s a most valuable player at Texas, and where he goes, students get very interested in his subject matter.”

Lawyers seem be into blogging. Mr. B. thinks of Ann Althouse and the MoneyLaw crew. OurProvost, serial ex-law dean that he is, has stated on his website that he will soon be blogging. So far he has posted an impressive template. Mr. B. looks forward to a dialogue with OurProvost about his ambitious aspirations for BigU. Hopefully this conversation will not be a monologue.



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