Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Skating Sioux?
The Daily Gets It

Mr. B. has previously posted on the University of Minnesota's double standard with respect to the University of North Dakota athletics:

Fighting Sioux? Absolutely Not!

Skating Sioux? Well, OK...

or, When It Comes Down to Money Versus Integrity -
At BigU We Take the Money and Skate

From today's Minnesota Daily:

It's well known that a Sioux and Gopher hockey game will most likely sell out, attract media attention and make a pretty penny for both teams involved. If the University believes so strongly in the "hostile and abusive" nature of UND's mascot, then they should stick to their guns and make a real statement. The fact that the University makes exceptions in its morality when money and attention is at stake underscores the hollow policy it instituted against the Sioux.

We believe that each mascot case should be looked at individually, as it is impossible to make a blanket statement that all mascots that represent ethnicity are offensive. But the University's too convenient exception to its own policy shows their real concern to be the purse, not the principle.

Write on. Bonzo

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