Saturday, May 14, 2011

Persistent Misinformation On the Strib Comments Section

So What Else is New?

This poster should know better:

To the numerous posters who keep linking the money spent in the athletic department to the overall budget at the U, please inform yourself on the actual facts. The U's athletic department is internally funded from ticket revenue, Big Ten revenue sharing, and donations. The buyouts of coaches is paid for by the athletic department, not the U's operating budget. As for TCF Stadium, tuition isn't going to it one bit. Student government voted and approved without dissent to have a $25/year student fee for the stadium (when you use inflation, that is actually less than what the fee was when they had one for Memorial Stadium). The rest is paid for by state bonds and private donations and licensing money. So seriously, stop connecting a line between athletics and the academic budget when the two are not linked at all.
My response:

The athletic department at the U of M continues to receive annual multi-million dollar subsidies from the general fund of the University (the Operations & Maintenance fund). In fiscal year 2010 the subsidy was $8 million; in fiscal year 2011 the subsidy is $7.8 million. pp. 77 & 81 of the U of M budget for fiscal year 2011 (ending June 30, 2011) See:

For further information about University finances, please see: University Inc. Part II


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