Friday, May 6, 2011

A Great Researcher, Teacher, and Friend to Many

Leaves the University of Minnesota

 Our Loss and Iowa's Gain


How can we let our standards erode?

It's a sad era for Minnesota medicine when we lose one of the best and brightest medical school professors to Iowa, all for a lack of adequate funding support ("Money crunch wounds U Medical School," May 1).
Dr. Patrick Schlievert, a world-renowned microbiology researcher and a perennial favorite teacher of medical students, is leaving because he wonders whether the university "really has an organized direction, or are we just in salvage mode?"
Schlievert, who discovered the cause of Toxic Shock Syndrome, as well as many other life-threatening illnesses, stated that "the basic science departments are cut to the bone." Is this really what we want in Minnesota?
We used to value medical education and research. I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that I find this news very distressing.
Schlievert has taught hundreds of physicians in this state and should have continued in his role as an educator and research scientist here. To say that our loss to Iowa is tragic is a huge understatement.

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