Monday, May 9, 2011

Is the University of Minnesota Medical School

Planning on Admitting More Non-Residents?

obligation to educate Minnesota residents has been eroded...

67% non-resident?

University of Minnesota Financial Plan 
(Revised, 25th May 2010)

"Increasing the number of nonresidents in the Medical School class would have a modest effect on tuition revenues, but should be considered, particularly since the obligation to educate Minnesota residents has been eroded by the state’s reduction of support to the Medical School."

"Currently approximately 16% of the student body is nonresident, although 23% of the freshman class is nonresident (the nonresident percentage of the Twin Cities freshman class is 38)."
As an example, if an additional 100 students were selected from nonresident applicants, the class would be 67% nonresident. The increase in annual revenue would be approximately $ 800,000. For now the recommendation is to admit as many highly qualified nonresident applicants as are interested in attending the University of Minnesota. (p. 12)


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