Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fairview Layoffs

Did new children's hospital at U of M 

have anything to do with this?


The Minneapolis-based Fairview health system is eliminating 240 jobs because of weak demand for inpatient hospital services.

"We need to reduce our workforce to match the demand for health care services right now, especially on our inpatient side," Davenport [Fairview spokesman] said. "Inpatient volumes have been soft and lower than expected." 

First-quarter revenue was up compared with 2010, but expenses grew even faster with the move into Fairview's new pediatric medical center on the west bank of the University of Minnesota. But one-time expenses for the move as well as a new electronic medical-record system aren't driving the job cuts, Davenport said. 

Last year, Minneapolis-based Children's Hospital & Clinics and Robbinsdale-based North  Memorial announced job cuts. Children's in particular noted a decline in demand for hospital services during 2010. 
Fairview/UofM has recently opened an unnecessary children's hospital at a cost of one million dollars [sic] per bed. In the end this is one of the reasons that health care costs go up. This new hospital is a result of the U of M and Children's hospital not being able to cooperate in cost containment. 


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