Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Fear and Loathing in Bioethics:

The Strib Strikes Back

[Emphasis mine]

On May 1, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published a blistering article about financial mismanagement at the University of Minnesota Medical School, subtitled,"Financial perils follow years of big payouts in pursuit of faculty stars." 
Shortly thereafter, Dr. Aaron Friedman, VP for the Academic Health Center and Dean of Medicine, sent out an email to faculty members, charging that the article was inaccurate and unfair.  Friedman detailed the points he believed were inaccurate and ended by saying, "I believe it's critically important that we speak up when statements are made that are unfair or simply wrong, and I also know that our community stands up for what's right."

Now the Strib has responded to each of his points in detail.  Have a look and judge for yourself.  The response can be found here.

 My view: Dean Friedman should be ashamed of himself. 


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Anonymous said...

It certainly appears that once again the U-MN gets caught with the proverbial foot in its mouth. One would think that by now they would have realize opening one's mouth before having the "factually correct" information is not only embarrassing, it's down right humiliating. Perhaps Dean Friedman could borrow Professor Carl Elliott's "fact-checkers" to get things right.