Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Iowa's Provost Loh

Chosen as New

University of Maryland


From the Washington Post:

... said Clifford Kendall, chair of the governing board of the state university system, in a prepared statement dated Tuesday. "His [Wallace Loh's] wealth of experience and achievements in higher education demonstrate his strong commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service as well as his exceptional ability to move institutions forward."

At College Park, Loh will join an institution that has ascended to the highest rank of public universities.

He served as dean of the University of Washington Law School, vice chancellor of the University of Colorado and a dean at Seattle University before becoming provost of Iowa's flagship in 2008.

According to the U-Md. statement, the University of Iowa has "increased the number of honor, minority, and international students; improved retention; expanded international exchanges; and increased administrative efficiencies and effectiveness" under Loh's lead.

As an Iowa alum [MS, biochemistry] I have been very impressed with the job that Dr. Loh has done at Iowa under very trying circumstances.

His experience at Iowa is exactly what we need at Minnesota as we face an oncoming financial catastrophe for which we are ill prepared.
He would have made an excellent president here - in fact I nominated him for the open position at Minnesota.

It is noteworthy that Iowa continues to churn out leaders in higher education for institutions such as Connecticut, Cornell, Illinois, and now Maryland. In contrast most of the U of M's management - all the way to the top - seems to remain firmly planted here. Transplantation is a rare event.


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