Sunday, August 1, 2010


Many Thumbs Up For Movie of the Week

From a great blog: The New Faculty Majority

This week, who else but... Eva von Dassow, professor of Classics and Near Eastern Studies, our new film star. Move over Mary Beard...

The MN Regents meeting "movies of the week" come in long and short versions, plus a full transcript of Eva's comments. Hear the dean of the Carlson School, the usual admin sycophants, and a few speakers that voice criticism of the administration (in particular, AFSCME's Cherrene Horazuk and FRPE's Eva von Dassow).

An earlier encounter of President Bruininks and Professor von Dassow is also available on YouTube - The Gospel According to Robert, Part II. And now, just a few of the many, many fan links (to which we add our names)

A Critique of the Cuts ~ Inside Highered

My new hero ~ More or Less Bunk

It's the faculty who define a university ~ Pharyngula , Science blogs

She's on fire ~ Thorstein Veblen blog

Speaking Truth to Power ~ The Periodic Table

Drop Kick me Jesus ~ University Diaries

I'm pleased to note that FRPE, Faculty for the Renewal of Public Education, is on our reader, posts tweeted, before movie fame... knew them when. FRPE participated in the March 4th Day of Action (and will no doubt be there for October 7). It would be an honor to join them.

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