Monday, August 30, 2010

GOP Chairman [sic] Sutton (left)
and Deputy Chair [sic] Broadkorb (far right)
at State Fair

Suppose the DFL did something like this with a large cardboard cutout of Mr. Emmer?

The GOP continues to disgrace itself in the Minnesota gubernatorial election campaign. The cardboard cutout demonstrates the juvenile, frat boy, approach of these two supposed adults. Karl Rove and Curly Howard would be very proud of these boys.

But I guess if you have a loser like Emmer for a candidate this is about the best you can do. Mr. Emmer is against the minimum wage because it is socialist. He also sponsored legislation to make complying with Federal laws optional for those sovereign individuals who do not believe these laws to be constitutional.

I can't wait until November when these clowns are off stage and we can get on with fixing the problems of our state, problems caused by our do-nothing GOP governor Pawlenty.


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Anonymous said...

These clowns will never be off stage. There will always be someone who will pay to send in the clowns.