Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Third Greatest Public Research University

In the World?

2009 Rankings of Top American Research Universities

Top Public Research Universities (1-25)

Institutions in order of top 25 score,
then alphabetical

Institution/Number of Measures

Berkeley 9
Illinois 9
Michigan 9
North Carolina 9
Pittsburgh 9
Wisconsin 9

tOSU 8
Penn State 8
Florida 8
Minnesota 8
U. Washington 8

Lots of data. Big pdf available for download at link above.

Executive Summary:

There are seven public research institutions in the US who appear to be ahead of us in the rankings game done by this outfit. Our administration likes this rating scheme because it is weighted in favor of larger schools as careful inspection makes obvious.

Unfortunately for the hubris of Morrill Hall, it is pretty clear that we will not even be in the top seven public research universities in our own country, even if we manage to hold on to our seats as we go over the waterfall ahead. And it should be no comfort at all that some of our competitors - places we clearly used to excel - are now rated with us. I am thinking in particular of Penn State and Ohio State.

Ratings is a game for losers.

I hope the Morrill Hall Gang, or their successors, realizes this fast.


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