Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sainfort-Jacko Debacle


University of Minnesota  

In April 2010, Jacko got a negative mention in a National Institutes of Health (NIH) critique of a $40 million research grant application headed by Dr. Bruce Blazar, an expert in pediatric blood and marrow transplantation at the U's Masonic Cancer Center. 
Jacko originally was slotted as the leader of the biomedical informatics function of the research, but NIH reviewers said she was "inadequately qualified for this role.'' The grant application was revised with a Mayo Clinic partner proposed as the strategic director of informatics.
But the April 2010 critique of that plan said that, "in essence,'' leadership of informatics would remain with Jacko because the Mayo partner would be 80 miles away.
"The plan to remotely direct such an essential ... function is viewed as a major weakness,'' the NIH document said.
Blazar could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.
Sainfort is a professor in the U's School of Public Health. When the allegations of double-dipping arose in 2008, he resigned as head of the Division of Health Policy and Management in that school. Now, his online biography lists him as Mayo professor of public health despite the fact that in 2008 he also said he would drop that title.
Jacko made a total of $217,440 in 2010. Sainfort made a total of $265,00.


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