Thursday, March 31, 2011

 Status of Freedom of Information Requests

to University of Minnesota

Regarding Sainfort/Jacko

Double Dipping
On March 13th I requested information from the General Counsel's office concerning the Sainfort/Jacko double dipping scandal at the University of Minnesota.

Today, in partial compliance with my request the offer letters to Sainfort and Jacko was provided.

The University has also acknowledged that:

Professors Sainfort and Jacko were paid their salaries during the time in question.

There are no other repayments other than the ones in the discipline letters.
The University has declined to provide a figure for the cost to the University of the investigation, claiming attorney-client privilege.  They have also declined to provide a monthly summary of payments to Jacko/Sainfort - as Georgia Tech has done. 

The University has claimed in the past that progress in this matter has been so slow because of lack of cooperation by Georgia officials in the matter. My request to Georgia Tech was answered in eight working days.

Did the University ever contact Georgia about this matter? Can the General Counsel's Office provide any evidence in support of this claim?

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