Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More on Regent Sviggum and

University of Minnesota

Board of Regents Chair

Is This Fair?

March 22
"Weeks after signing a contract for a half-time job with the University of Minnesota, Steve Sviggum failed to list his new gig on a disclosure form required of members of the U's Board of Regents."
"Allen said many people in the general public and on the faculty have contacted him about Sviggum's situation.
"They all are of one mind -- that the two positions are incompatible," Allen said"
Allen is the Chair of the Board of Regents AND a member of the three person committee involved in adjudicating the matter. He is also the one who brought the matter up before Allen had even engaged in a vote or discussion where the matter is relevant. 


March 23

"In an interview Wednesday Sviggum pointed out that the financial disclosure document says to "list all sources of compensation" but later says not to include "compensation from the University," among other things. "

He's correct - from the disclosure document:

(Click above to enlarge)

Sources of Compensation ... Do not include compensation from the University.

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They should just let Sviggum choose which one he would like to retain, his position on the Board of Regents or his position with Univ of Minnesota.