Friday, March 18, 2011

The mote in Bob's eye


These cuts won’t solve decade of state mismanagement

 Tsk, tsk, Bob. Look in the mirror...

From On Campus:

I am disappointed that, once again, the University of Minnesota faces deep cuts to state support.
The recommendation of the House Higher Education Committee will mean the loss of more than $229 million, on top of more than $190 million in state reductions in the current biennium. This rolls our state support back to levels not seen since before 1998.
Despite a decade of unprecedented performance, including more students served, more degrees granted per year, significant spending cuts and productivity gains, and record federal research funding and private support, we will again be forced to freeze wages, reduce investment, eliminate programs and services, and increase class sizes.
This course is unsustainable, not only for a world-class university like ours, but also for the state of Minnesota. We have set high aspirations and found creative ways to achieve them.
If the legislature chooses to solve a decade’s worth of state financial mismanagement in one fell swoop by disinvesting in education and innovation, the impact will be statewide, and the damage permanent.

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