Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Undergraduate Business Programs 2010

Minnesota's Carlson School Drops 12 places to 67

[Note added later: This post has been cited and the Periodic Table described as a "snarky local blog" by one of the big boys at MPR... As Miss Piggy would say, "Moi?"]

Business Week rankings for undergrad B-schools are out and the news is not good for a Morrill Hall gang that continues to insist that we will be one of the top three public research universities in the world within ten years. This nonsense started in 2004. The clock is melting. Time for a new paradigm?

We still seem to be hearing the old familiar song:
"...we're in the midst of transformative change en route to becoming one of the top three public research universities in the world." [sic] President Bruininks Dec 7, 2009 (web site)

As Rhode Island School of Design President, John Meada, recently put it:

Ignore the present and in the future, you'll be in the past.

Put another way: The Morrill Hall Gang had better start taking care of business in the here and now.

This sad situation in CSOM is just another example of canary asphyxiation at the U of M. The previous Carlson dean, Lawrence Beneviste, is now at Emory. The same Emory that clocked in at number seven in this survey, up from nine last year.
Leadership, obviously, matters.

So here are the rankings:

Berkeley 6
Michigan 8
Texas 10

Illinois 26
Penn State 29
University of Washington 33
Wisconsin 42

Florida 55
Ohio State 59

Minnesota 67 (down from 55 last year)

Among our aspirational peers: 10/10

(UCLA does not appear to be in the list. They have a major in business economics so this may not be considered a regular undergraduate business major.)

Hmm... I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the Carlson's dean does not seem to understand
the concept of progressive, as in progressive income tax? Maybe less time should be spent trying to play footsie with people like McGuire?


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