Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clear Evidence of Erosion

at the University of Minnesota

The latest US News Rankings

Although one can nit-pick, the cumulative effect of watching these rankings for some time is to conclude that slowly but surely, we are falling behind with respect to our legitimate competition, large public universities, especially Big Ten schools. And the bad economy has hit our competition, too. So that should not be used as an excuse.

I could analyze the data in detail, separating out Big Ten schools and our so-called (by the Morrill Hall Gang) aspirational peer group to hammer this point home even further. I could analyze the data for several years to illustrate the downward trend. But I won't waste my time - or yours - because the gang simply blows off such evidence and instead refers us to the wonderful progress being made in the Shanghai rankings, and claims that we are getting better and better every day, in every way...

Don't believe me? Have a look at this:

University of Minnesota Provost Declares
Shanghai Rankings Best

And it is not just Provost Sullivan, look at this recent whopper by the President:

...we're in the midst of transformative change en route to becoming one of the top three public research universities in the world. [sic] President Bruininks Dec 7, 2009 (web site)

So here is some food for thought for the University community, especially our administration.

This Year's USNews Rankings

Law Schools

1. Yale
2. Harvard
3. Stanford
4. Columbia
5. Chicago
6. NYU
7. Berkeley
7. Penn
9. Michigan
10. Virginia
11. Duke
11. Northwestern
13. Cornell
14. Georgetown
15. UCLA
15. Texas
17. Vanderbilt
18. Southern Cal
19. Wash U.
20. GWU
21. Illinois
22. Boston University
22. Emory

22. Minnesota

22. Notre Dame
26. Iowa
27. Indiana

Medical Schools (research)

1. Harvard
2. Penn
3. Hopkins
5. Wash U
6. Duke
6. Michigan
6. U Washington
6. Yale
10. Columbia
11. Stanford
11. UCLA
13. Chicago
14. Pittsburgh
15. Vanderbilt
16. Cornell
16. UCSD
18. Mt. Sinai
18. Northwestern
20. Case Western Reserve
20. Emory
20. North Carolina
20. University of Texas Southwestern
24. Baylor
25. Virginia
26. U Alabama-Birmingham
27. NYU
27. Ohio State
27. Colorado
27. Iowa
27. Wisconsin
32. Brown
32. Rochester
34. Boston U.
34. Dartmouth
34. Southern Cal
37. Oregon Health & Science

38. Minnesota

38. Yeshiva

Primary Care:

1. U. Washington
2. North Carolina
3. Oregon Health and Science
4. Vermont
5. Colorado
7. Michigan State
7. Penn
9. U Mass
10. Iowa

11. Minnesota


1. MIT
2. Stanford
3. Berkeley
4. Georgia Tech
5. Illinois
6. CMU
7. Caltech
8. Michigan
9. Texas
10. Cornell
10. USC
12. Texas A&M
13. Purdue
13. UCSD
15. UCLA
15. Wisconsin
17. Princeton
18. Columbia
19. Harvard
19. UC Santa Barbara
21. Northwestern
22. Maryland
23. Penn State
23. Pennsylvania
25. Hopkins
25. Ohio State
25. Virginia Tech

28. Minnesota

28. U Washington

Individual Engineering Disciplines

Aerospace: not in top ten (nit)
Biological: nit
Biomedical: nit
Chemical: tied for 3rd
Civil: nit
Electrical: nit
Environmental: nit
Industrial: nit
Materials: nit

Business Schools, Carlson: 24

Education: 23

Chemistry: 21

Physics: 26

Computer Science:


Earth Science: 28

Biological Sciences:

Individual Biological Science Disciplines

Biochem, Biophys, Struct. Biology Not In Top Ten (nitt)

Cell Biology nitt

Ecology/Evolution nitt

Genetics/Genomics/Bioinformatics nitt

Immunology nitt

Microbiology nitt

Molecular Biology nitt

Neuroscience nitt

Earth to Morrill Hall: We have a problem here.

Time to take your head out of the sand and face reality.

And by the way, the faculty are the ones to talk to about how to fix this.

Clearly your efforts over the past few years to become one of the best public research universities in the world - have only made things worse!

Leadership matters. Let's not make the same mistake twice.


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