Tuesday, July 6, 2010

University of Minnesota Medical School Faculty

Vote Overwhelmingly for a Dedicated Dean

I've posted earlier on this matter. For background, please see: More University of Minnesota faculty go off the rez, this time in the medical school.

From an email to the faculty:

Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 2:48 PM

Dear Medical School Faculty:

Many thanks from the FAC to all the faculty who recently voted on the FAC motion concerning the administrative structure of the Medical School Deanship as a search begins for a new Medical School Dean.

The motion was:

The Medical School should have a Dean whose sole responsibility is the optimal function of the Medical School and the Dean of the Medical School should report directly to the President of the University.

Vote / Absolute Number / Percentage

In Favor / 327 / 92.4%
Opposed / 18 / 5.1%
Abstain / 9 / 2.5%

The results of the vote are striking - see the attached graphics. The FAC was very pleased that there was a very large faculty turnout - even responding to the single email request. This indicates a faculty that is engaged and very interested in the plan for the School's leadership going forward.

The FAC has sent a letter sharing the results of the faculty vote to President Bruininks, the Board of Regents and Drs. Cerra and Paller in the hope of informing their plans for the AHC and Medical School leadership structure and the search for new leaders. The FAC also expressed its appreciation to Drs Cerra and Paller for the quality of their ongoing leadership of the Medical School.

Please feel free to contact me directly or the FAC through Jeni Skar (msfacaff@umn.edu) with any comments.

David Ingbar, MD
Chair, Medical School FAC


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