Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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I have been having some growing pains on the Star-Tribune site, due to not quite understanding the system and being a little sloppy about illustration credits. But I think that things are now under control. Many of these pieces have been edited and reposted several times because of these problems. I think they are now stable, so here are the links:

Transformational Verbigeration at the U

U of M Professor von Dassow introduces us to the word verbigeration.

The UGospel According to President Bruininks - The Apocalypse

Time to align the goals of the University with those of the citizens of the state. Are they interested in an affordable, high quality education? Or do they believe that more sand should be pounded down the rat-hole that is the third best public research university in the world fiasco?

Who's Dismantling the Ivory Tower at the U?

Some insight into why things are the way they are in Morrill Hall at the U.

Homeopathy at the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center?

Why are we wasting resources on junk science while cutting corners on real medicine?

Trainwreck at University of Minnesota's Northrop Auditorium

The attempt by the University of Minnesota administration to reengineer Northrop auditorium is a good example of why we have financial, and other, problems at our state's flagship educational resource.

I don't anticipate posting on the Strib's blog this frequently in the future. But at the beginning I had a few important U-related topics that I wanted to address. There will be one more post before September on the general topic of what we want our University of Minnesota to be in the future.

Suggestions gratefully accepted.

Ciao, for now. (Tilda Swindon's new movie - Italian, mostly, with subtitles - highly recommended.)

Bill Gleason


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