Saturday, September 12, 2009


From Yesterday's

University of Minnesota

Regents Meeting

#UMN Bore: Latest graduation rate statistics We are 11/11 in our self-declared peer group. Where are our priorities?

#UMN Bore: Disappointing that the the State Open Meeting Law and the U/LLC not addressed. Some at meeting were aware of the problem...

#UMN Bore: Regent Simmons comments that THE matter of concern for Regents is grad. rate - as well it should be given the low number.

#UMN BoRe: Sullivan says little about numbers acc document... There are "gaps" between us and the top three public research universities.

#UMN BoRe: Sullivan claims our fac. salaries are 7th in peer group. Includes Calif schools with inflated sal. Where do we rank in BigTen?

#UMN BoRe: Sullivan now talking about importance of graduating in a timely fashion. We are last in the BigTen in this regard

#UMN Bore: Reg. Baragas: "Such a big comp thing(LLC). Still don't know we are going in the right direction. We all have some misgivings..."

@UMN BoRe: Legacy fund - It sounds to this cynic, that a slush fund is being developed for the administration to do with as it sees fit...

#UMN BoRe: Rotenberg: LLC reports as required by law? What is the legal requirement for reporting under an LLC?

#UMN BoRe: Rotenberg - effective University oversight at regental and administrative levels How about the public?

#UMN BoRe: Focus only on corporate structure of LLC. Aren't going to focus on MoreU details. Claims transparency considered in decision.

#UMN BoRe: Bruininks pitches LLC for MoreU Park. Mining of gravel. Why don't we sell the gravel pit?

#UMN BoRe: Bohnsack pushes on Bell. Bruininks admits Bell probably DOA if attempt made again. [Folwell more defensible]

Bruininks ask $80 mil for Phys and Nano. Seems high. But this is potentially worth more to the state than more biosciences bldg. #UMN

President Bruininks says we could easily use $200 mil for HEAPR #UMN

Bruininks has Folwell Hall at high priority, Bell gone. Better late than never..


There were other twitterers at the BoRe including some real pros - unlike the amateurish Mr. Bonzo.


ByJenna Request also includes $36.5 million to renovate Folwell Hall. Bruininks: "This building needs some work.... After HEAPR, our top priority."

posttim I see at least three people tweeting #UMN regents meeting, me, @byjenna and @wbgleason, we've reached tweet-saturation

As the old saying goes: Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

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