Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Help Stamp Out Nattering Nabobs of Negativity?

(Or Some Pigs are More Equal Than Other Pigs...)

From 'CCO:

University of Minnesota students had to do something a little different this year in order to get season tickets. They had to sign a student fan code of conduct.

Before the tickets are handed out, students have to agree to the code of conduct and sign it. Some students say the new code of conduct will help make the game more enjoyable, others are not so sure.

"I think it's a good thing you know, no one likes when everyone is being negative or when people are being too rowdy," said Brandon Arentson.

"Pretty overbearing if you ask me. It's like they are putting us in handcuffs before we even get in the stadium. Sounds like we can't have any real fun, it's like they're restricting us from being real college students," said Greg Imholte.

University officials say they hope students who sign the code of conduct will hold others accountable by helping stop any negative behavior they see.

Fans will receive a copy of the new code of conduct in their guides and they are expected to follow the same rules students are required to follow, but students are the only ones who have to sign the fan code of conduct before being allowed to buy tickets.

Ah, speaking of codes of conduct...

From the Daily:

Athletic Director Overrules Code of Conduct, Clears Mbakwe For Practice

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