Monday, September 28, 2009

Bucky Kicks Butt - in Biotech (Part Two)

Badger State's Tech Boom

From today's Strib, link not yet available, print only for the time being:

by Thomas Lee

A look under the hood at Wisconsin's biotech start-up machine reveals a powerfully successful combination of academic and commercial cooperation.

Wisconsin's track record has caught the attention of business, political and academic leaders in Minnesota, where repeated attempts to create the climate to grow high-tech startups - the so-called "next Medtronics" - have stalled. Indeed, Minnesota has lost start-up companies to the Badger state, where entrepreneurs often can find more financial support.

"There is a real desire to succeed in Wisconsin," Bianco [Leyland Health Consulting, Minneapolis] said. "The state has no stodgy culture. It is a culture of newness. A desire to try new things. Minnesota is like the sleeping giant. We are not living up to our potential."

This is a very good and thought-provoking article. I'll put up a link when it becomes available on the Strib's website.

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