Friday, September 25, 2009

Strib urges University of Minnesota to put lawsuit aside...

Are you listening, President Bruininks?

From the Strib:

Despite the soothing assurances that accompanied it, the University of Minnesota's move this week to take its Central Corridor concerns to court is disappointing.'s disappointing that one party is so nervous about the other that it was willing to toss a lawsuit bomb into the middle of negotiations that both parties agree have been producing progress toward an accord.

Rotenberg has likened the situation in which the U finds itself to that of a farmer whose land is being taken for a highway, and is not adequately compensated for the loss. His analogy isn't quite fitting. Both parties in this fight are substantial enterprises, and both are in business to serve Minnesota.

The university will benefit greatly from Central Corridor, and it has abundant interest in prudent stewardship of the public purse. Likewise, Central Corridor has much to gain from establishing a good relationship with a vitally important and politically powerful neighbor. With so much reason to agree, this quarrel ought to be settled soon, outside a courtroom.
As I have pointed out many times before, the U seems reluctant to spell out exactly what the cost of mitigation would be for the present situation. Why is this so difficult? Instead they insist on a blank check for mitigation far into the future. This simply is not reasonable.

And if one reads the actual suit documents, the lack of acting in good faith is evident and disappointing. Issues previously thought to be settled are now being exhumed. See for example:

More Details Emerge in

Pioneer Press Article

About U's Beef With Light Rail...

Leadership and a sensible approach to solving problems of mutual interest has been sadly lacking in Morrill Hall. Hopefully, in the next few years, this will change.

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