Saturday, July 21, 2007

While the Mice Are Away
The Cat Will Clean Up

Mr. B. has been out in Salt Lake City where the temperature is ca 100. And he foolishly thought that since SLC was in the mountains that it would be nice, cool, and pleasant. It really didn't matter though because all day was spent inside in a super air-conditioned room. Today he learned of the wonders of SHELXL and Coot, both of which will make life in the lab a lot easier in the future. The cold lecture hall reminded him of his lab at home where it is so cold in the summer that he has to wear a sweatshirt to function.

But UD has done a marvelous job schoolmarming our ink-stained wretch, Patrick Reusse, who writes on the latest smarmy utterings of BigU's athletic director, Joltin' Joel Maturi. No one has ever accused Reusse of being in the back pocket of the Gopher athletic department. He understood Lou Holtz's game and also how Mason gamed the system. No doubt the latest football coach will soon have reason to loathe and detest Patrick.

UD begins:

Scathing Online Schoolmarm

UD's already told you that Gophers fans are stupid. In so very many ways. But you don't listen to UD, because she's ...well, you know her demographics. So listen to this guy, who writes for the Minnesota Star Tribune. Admittedly he introduces his opinion piece oddly. But in his own way he's making my point.

You'll have to read the rest for yourself if you are interested.

Ciao, a brain fried Bonzo