Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Sleeping Giant Awakens and He is Hungry

Workplan for BigU's MedSchool
to Crack the Top Twenty
Tasked for November

It will soon be a very busy time for BigU's Medical School and the Dean, Dr. Deborah Powell. She has recently established a taskforce to look into conflict of interest between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. No doubt some ethical paragons at BigU's medical school will be involved, well scrubbed docs, right? Mr. B. has posted on this. See:

It also develops that Dr. Powell has been requested by Dr. Frank Cerra to come up with a work plan for moving BigU's medical school from wherever it is considered to be now (one opinion - 39 in research and 13 in family care - may be found here) to number twenty of all medical schools in the US.

A presentation and a pdf of the slide show have been posted on the Academic Health Center Website. It is very interesting listening and reading. If you'd like to see this, I'd suggest looking fast, since I would be surprised if it is up very much longer. Unfortunately Mr. B. does not have the patience to transcribe the talk, but it should prove very informative to stakeholders and other interested parties. Comments are also made about the possible new St. Thomas medical school and the children's hospital situation.

Not much happens at the BigU over the summer. So a November deadline isn't that far away. Could this possibly be yet another famous BigU FastShuffle? Mr. Bonzo thinks this is quite likely.

Ciao, Bonzo