Friday, July 20, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Mr. B. Hits the Trail but Gets a Start on Best of Bonzo (BoB)

It is off to Salt Lake City for Mr. B. There he will be attending the American Crystallographic Association meeting. He has just finished a poster for the meeting that describes recent work by Derek Straka and Margo Siorek in the GleasonLab. These things are always fun and this will be a special pleasure because Angelo Gavezzoti will be receiving an award. This means that Doyle and his wife, Judy, as well as Jack Dunitz and his wife, I believe Barbara, will be there. Also, my friend and colleague Vic Young will be attending. Mr. B. first went to a meeting of this group in 1976 in Norman, Oklahoma. There we had an event at the Cowboy Hall of Fame that had a petition AGAINST the metric system in the lobby. Good memories.

So things may be rather slow on the PT.

I have just put some material up on another site which is facetiously referred to as the "Best of Bonzo." Mrs. B. uncharitably refers to it as the worst of Bonzo. But eventually the rants and raves that I think might still be of importance - or at least stimulate some discusion - will be available there in a form more suitable for download.

Ciao, Bonzo