Friday, February 23, 2007

Stem Cells at BigU: It's starting to get ugly...

From the Pioneer-Press (Gem Cities other good newspaper)

A lawmaker used a House committee hearing on embryonic stem cell research funding Thursday to challenge a University of Minnesota scientist on whether her work violates state law.

Rep. Dan Severson, R-Sauk Rapids, said a 1973 state statute on human research appears to make embryonic research by the U's Meri Firpo illegal.

"I think in this particular case the experiments Mrs. Firpo is doing are a gross misdemeanor," he said.

Firpo responded that she has been assured by U leaders that embryonic stem cell research is permitted under that statute, and a research analyst for the higher education and work force development committee said the statute applies to a relatively narrow definition of human life.

Mr. Bonzo is very concerned about the way this is going...

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