Sunday, February 25, 2007

On the Road to Greatness at BigU - Business School Ratings

Mr. Bonzo is puzzled. An article appeared recently in the Daily that reported on the research activities of the good folks in the Carlson School.

February 23, 2007

Carlson publishes most journal pieces

the expertise of some scholars at the Carlson School of Management puts them ahead of the game.

The Department of Information and Decision Sciences grabbed the top-ranking spot in number of pages published in popular management information systems journals, a recent study showed.

This ranking has only added to the school's existing high status.

At about the same time a list from Fortune magazine appeared on CNN:

50 Best B-Schools for Getting Hired 2007

Top MBA programs with the strongest career placement and reputation with recruiters.

If the BigU's B school has such existing high status, why does the Fortune list not contain the Carlson school? This does not compute, Bonzo circuits blown, going down, down.. Please hit reset button.

Ahhh, thank you. Perhaps the Carlson School did not submit appropriate data and thus is not listed? Bonzo wonders.

ps: The Bonzo snowblower BlueBabe fired up again, as always a pleasant surprise. ColdState has been hit by a fair amount of snow. Mr. B. would guess 8-10 inches at SmallHouse. A trip to have dinner with TP was cancelled last night because of the ugly weather. So the Bonzos had to watch Elmer Gantry on public tv. Great movie. It is unfortunately snowing a little more right now. Mr. B. hopes that BlueBabe is at rest for the day.

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