Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Shameless Plug

Mrs. Bonzo has written, in collaboration with Caroline Swash, a book on Stained & Art Glass. More information about the book may be found on Amazon, where it is available for a pretty reasonable price considering the number of beautiful color illustrations. (To say nothing of the fabulous, unattributed, back of jacket portrait of Mrs. B. taken by Mr. B.)

From the only review so far on Amazon:

If you have any interest in the beauty of glass, you should have this book. With over 800 images in full color, this richly illustrated volume could be savored only as a visual experience, while at the same time it has been written with intelligence, style and grace for anyone with an interest in glass. That includes the casual browser of art books (like me) and also, I believe, professional scholars and serious collectors. As beautifully produced as any coffee table book, it also is an engaging and important study of a largely neglected aesthetic medium.

Another good review has appeared on the website of the Contemporary Glass Society:

The subject matter – stained and art glass – is also surprising. There are plenty of books on each individually but I know of no significant other that juxtaposes both. Each discipline has its own traditions and has often developed separately with barely a nod toward the other. In some respects this is really two books but that is its beauty. The book is priced so sensibly that even the most narrow-minded supporter of one school will find the book represents excellent value. Perhaps the best thing is that afficionados of studio or stained glass can easily read about the other. This can only help to remove barriers between the different schools. There are also substantial sections on architectural glass throughout the world, surely a major future area of evolution. If like me, your glass passions are catholic, the book is almost too good to be true.

A proud Mr. Bonzo signs off.

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