Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Driven to Distraction...

Mr. B. is back from the City with a vengeance.

More to come about the Bluest State visit.

However, this sitting duck presented itself and Mr. B. could not resist a quick Cheney. As pointed out earlier, BigU has paid an advertising firm to hype us on our march to greatness. Some of the loot that might have been used to keep tuition down has been used for a self-glorification campaign, an example of which (from BigU's entrance web page) can be seen above.

If you are unlucky you may find something even more inane as the questions seem to vary randomly at login. Never fear, though, as even more pressing questions may be found on the U's web page, such as:

Is a man/woman's approach to sex based on evolution?

— See what happens when a male and female actor are sent to a London university campus with hidden cameras to ask a simple question: "Will you sleep with me?"

Feb. 22, 7 p.m., Bell Museum

Now there's a Driven to Discover question.

Getting back in blogging mood,

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