Friday, April 23, 2010

New P&A Policy

University of Minnesota President Bruininks

in the Dark?

I'm watching the videos posted by the Daily of President Robert Bruininks. Although they are a little tedious they are well worth watching. It is too bad that only about forty people on campus felt the session worth attending. Unfortunately this may be due to past clock-killing performances by the President.

One very surprising part of the first video is the President's claim to be unaware of new draconian P&A policies.

This new policy is well known on campus and has been much discussed, for example:

P&A Slave Labor

The policy becomes official in June. New policies undergo a 30-day review period, which gives employees a chance to comment. You may leave a comment here:

It is very disturbing that someone who claims to be one of the staunchest advocates of P&A folks is unaware of this new policy.

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