Monday, April 12, 2010

Interview of President Bruininks


University of Minnesota Daily

The Minnesota Daily has an interview with the president. Daily questions are printed and the president's responses are links to mp3s. Let's just say that this is a less than satisfactory way to do business...

Be that as it may, let us look at the first question for an indication of the worth of the whole interview. The key part of the question is: If the legislature does not sign on to the higher education renaissance, what will happen to the strategic positioning agenda?

The president KNOWS at the time of the interview that his new covenant and educational renaissance were declared dead on arrival the day after his original state of the university address was posted.

So have a look at this classic example of President Bruininks' ability to ignore questions and use a kill the clock strategy to get around giving a straight answer.

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madradprof said...

Bill, this is great. The reporter did an excellent job trying to pin Bruininks down on strategic positioning and as you note, the Prez never answers the question fully. My take on this is that he is being deliberately vague since as soon as he makes announcements about which programs will be cut, constituencies will mobilize to oppose it. I'm sure he has an opinion about what must be preserved and what must be cut, where our "comparative advantages" and areas of "excellence" lie. So why won't he just say it?